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Ing. Jaroslav Turek, Zavadilská 786, 39002 Tábor, tel.: 381 281 367, fax: 381 281 368, mobil: 603 241 348, e-mail: turek.jar@volny.cz

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Services masonry Tagras spol. s r.o.

Natural stone is indispensable for centuries for its longevity and lasting beauty. Granite traditional Czech material is an excellent building material used since ancient times.

Used for floor tiles, walls, stairs, curbs, fountains, monuments, brick, wall facades, but also for the fine production. It is also used to manufacture kitchen and bathroom panels, tiles and window sills staircases, fireplaces and decorative items.

Any natural material and thus the stone is priceless. Visual parameters are comparable with the commonly used plates. We offer a wide selection of natural materials used in domestic as well as of import.

Our services offered:

  • tiles in interior and exterior
  • kitchen and bathroom tops
  • bar counters
  • tabletops
  • lining systems
  • cemetery architecture, monuments, and accessories
  • stone window sills - outdoor and indoor
  • stairs and fliers
  • Granite curbs
  • setts
  • Stone Plinth
  • Garden Architecture
  • Fireplaces









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